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Our CEO: Adam Gottlieb

Adam Gottlieb was first introduced to Emergency Care at the tender age of 7, after a fire broke out in his kitchen.

“I freaked out,” he recalls, “and my mom sent me to my room, where I hid behind my bed and cried.”

Suddenly, his door opened, and in walked a tall, bald firefighter, with tatoos and a handlebar mustache. The giant man knelt down and coaxed Adam from his hiding place, and then showed him the fire truck.

“It was love at first sight,” says Adam.

That firefighter mentored Adam until he became the youngest EMS worker in the state of Michigan. At age 14, Adam participated in an explorer program, which gave him valuable experience working at both municipal and private events. He has since been involved in the EMS field for over three decades.

As CEO of Hart Medical EMS, Adam gives personalized attention to every client. He is just as comfortable working behind his desk as he is working at the scene of an emergency, comforting an injured person’s family.

“I have always wanted to help people,” he explains, “and I found I had an affinity for those who needed my assistance. I like to make a difference.”